Custom Printing On Promotional Items In Saint Cloud FL

Custom Printing On Promotional Items In Saint Cloud FL

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Safeguard Owner Michelle Bowers Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight | 1 (844) ST-CLOUD

Safeguard owner Michelle Bowers is our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight this month. Jeanine Corcoran, broker for Corcoran Connect interviews Michelle Bowers in this month’s episode. We welcome you to the 50th episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida.

Jeanine started the interview by asking Michelle to give her name, the name of her business, and what her business does. Michelle said that her and her cousin purchased the business from her father in July 2022. She said both of them have been working with Michelle’s father for 20+ years.

Michelle stated that her father bought the distributorship for Central Florida in the 1990s. She added that her father brought her on board back to run the office. Jeanine asked Michelle why she chose this business and she said that it chose her.

Jeanine asked Michelle how her dad came up with the name for the business. She replied it was a corporate company and that her dad owned the franchise. He purchased distributorship and as a result, owned 6 counties in Central Florida: Okeechobee, Lake, Seminole, Orange, Osceola, and Brevard.

Michelle said her dad is ready to retire so she and her cousin decided to buy the business as they both have over 20 years of experience helping to run it. Jeanine asked Michelle to tell the audience a little bit about herself.

She has lived in Osceola County all her life graduating from Osceola High School. Michelle married her husband who went to St. Cloud High School and that is how she ended up in Saint Cloud, FL.

Jeanine then asked Michelle about her product line and what her best-selling product was. She said that laser checks remain her best-selling product. Michelle explained that laser checks have declined over the years as more and more people pay their bills online and that is why they decided to expand their product line by going into more promotional items.

Michelle said they do custom license plates, rally towels or golf towels, custom hats, socks, die-cut shaped magnets, flashlights, stress balls, pens, hand sanitizer, and more. She said they do thousands of products, pretty much whatever you need, they can do it.

Michelle was asked by Jeanine how she uniquely serves Saint Cloud. She said we are a corporate company, but we have the small-town feel because we are very customer service oriented. She continued that she wants her customers to be happy as they consider them family.

Jeanine asked what year she moved to St. Cloud, Florida. Michelle said they moved from Kissimmee to Saint Cloud in 2003. All her children went to school in St. Cloud. She has three boys and one grandchild and is hoping for more.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine interviewing Safeguard owner Michelle Bowers is our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight this month. We will continue to make local business owners a focus in Saint Cloud Florida on our podcast. Here are all the ways you can get in touch with Michelle and Safeguard of Central Florida.

Safeguard of Central Florida Owner Michelle Bowers
119 E 13th St Suite #B St Cloud, FL 34769
(407) 877-2299

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Corcoran Connect
1426 S Narcoossee Rd
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